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Precinct Lookup
View Sample Ballot, Polling Place, Current Elected Officials, etc.

1. Enter address number of your home address. If your address number contains a letter (i.e. S or W), you will need to search using Voter Lookup.
2. Enter street name only of your home address. Do not use a direction or type (i.e. N. Center St. should be entered as Center).
3. Click the "Locate Precinct" button and a list of addresses matching the search criteria is displayed.
4. Select the radio button next to your specific home address and city.
5. Click the "Continue" Button and various precinct specific links will be displayed.

Select the link called "My Elected Office Holder" to view the current elected officials for your precinct. To view your sample ballot select the link called "View Sample Ballot". For polling place information select the link called "View Polling Place Details".

Trouble finding your address? You can also use the Voter Lookup to find your precinct information.

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